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Fabulous Decorative Boxes Christmas Winter Gallery

Dominic Pinette Thursday, March 14, 2019 Gifts, Crafts and Artifacts

Fabulous Decorative Boxes Christmas Winter Gallery

Dickerson says Etsy does monitor the site; users flag shops that look suspicious and Etsy investigates. "We ask for documentation and photos and basically proof of how the item is being produced and then we make a decision on whether to allow that item or that shop the ability to stay on Etsy," he says.

Many crafts become very popular for brief periods of time (a few months, or a few years), spreading rapidly among the crafting population as everyone emulates the first examples, then their popularity wanes until a later resurgence.

Factories And Homemakers: But that also means that Etsy sellers will be in some shopping malls. "It goes back to the ideology — isn’t Etsy supposed to be a response to the mall? Aren’t we tearing down the mall?" Walker says. "I think that the new thinking is, instead of fighting traditional retail, we should figure out ways to infiltrate traditional retail on our own terms."

But they don’t all share the values Etsy promotes, which Walker calls a "kind of moral purity of the handmade as a response to the alienation of mass-manufacturing culture."

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