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First-class Unique Gift Box Ideas 2019 Gallery

Françoise Ruest Thursday, May 2, 2019 Gifts, Crafts and Artifacts

First-class Unique Gift Box Ideas 2019 Gallery

Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson says the site is working on ways to retain sellers and weed out factory-made products.

Courtesy of Etsy

"As West Elm opens up new stores around the country, they actually wholesale items from local Etsy sellers and put those items in the store," Dickerson says.

"Let’s say I’m a buyer and I’m looking for a wedding gown. One gown is $78 because it’s from a factory in China, but the woman has a cute little name, like Joanie Sews, and so you think it’s a person. And the other gown is $600 because it really is one woman trying to make this thing for you for your wedding," Winchell says. "Which one are you going to buy? So it sets up unfair competition between factories and homemakers."

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